UV CARE Desk Air Purifier
UV CARE Desk Air Purifier
UV CARE Desk Air Purifier
UV CARE Desk Air Purifier
UV CARE Desk Air Purifier

UV CARE Desk Air Purifier

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Air Purifier with Medical Grade H13 Filter and UV Germicidal Lamp
Coverage Area: 10sqm

Product Features

Model Name              UV Care Desk Air Purifier
Filtration System       Pre-filter/ Charcoal, HEPA Filter (H13), UV-C Metal Shield with Photocatalytic TiO2, UV-C Lamp
CADR                          85 m3/h
UV-C Wavelength      253.7 nm
UVC Lamp Life          8000 hours
UVC Lamp                  2 W
Coverage Area           10 m2
Fan Speed                  I (Low), II (Medium), III (High)
Control Method         Power and Fan Speed Variable Control
Noise Level                58 dB(A)
Material                      ABS Plastic
Rated Input Power    30 Watts
Rated Voltage            AC 220V, 60 Hz
Product Dimensions L-16 x W-19 x H-27.5 cm
Product Weight         2.3 kg
Box Dimensions        20 x 23 x 31 cm


Homes (Bedroom, Children’s Room/Nursery, Living Room, Kitchen)


Laboratory Tested
Safe to Use
Easy to Maintain

What’s Inside the Box:

UV Care Desk Air Purifier Unit
All-in-1 Filter Cartridge
User Manual
Warranty Card
User Guide: Before Use

User Guide

Plug in to start (220 V)
Press the POWER button to turn on the unit.
Choose the desired fan speed- 1,2 or 3.
I – Low
II – Medium
III – High
Press the “UV” button to turn the UV-C lamp on or off.
Ozone-free air purification will begin covering an area of approximately 10sqm
Press the POWER button to turn off the unit.
After use, store the unit properly in a safe, dry and cool place away from children’s reach.


UV Care guarantees that this product is free from defects in manufacturing materials and workmanship within one (1) year from the date of original purchase. Refer to your original sales receipt to validate start of warranty period.

If you have difficulties using this product, and such is determined by our team to be caused by manufacturing defects, we will either repair or replace the parts or the unit free of charge within 7 days. To report the defect, reach out to us with the description of the problem, date of purchase, copy of original sales receipt, and your name and contact information.

The following circumstances are not covered by warranty:

Warranty has expired.
Malfunction or damage resulting from accident, incorrect use of the product (misuse, wrong voltage input, etc.) or failure to maintain or use the machine as instructed by the user manual
Unauthorized disassembling of the machine
Unauthorized repairs or modifications
Forced removal of the unit’s serial number


Combination Filter (Prefilter/ Charcoal Sheet and HEPA Filter)
UV-C Lamp