Automated External Window Cleaning System

High Rise Cleaning System is an unmanned automated external window cleaning for midrise and high-rise buildings designed to clean the entire building facade including glass panels, aluminum mullion, aluminum cladding, marble, granite, louver and concrete.


With the use of High Rise Cleaning System, it eliminates the risk of window cleaners working at heights. Operator controls the High Rise Cleaning system remotely at a safe distance.

High Rise Cleaning System cleans everything on its path not just glass panels, but also aluminum mullion, cladding, granite, stainless, louvers and concrete in just 20 minutes per vertical path of 3 meters width for a 30-story building.

Using micro fiber brush to remove dirt from surfaces, High Rise Cleaning System ensures a consistent cleaning rotation of 62rpm eliminating human error or exhaustion.

Because High Rise Cleaning System is unmanned, it ensures the privacy of building tenants and clients.

High Rise Cleaning System uses Pure Water Technology to rinse the dirt from building facade ensuring no minerals will be left on the glass or surfaces that crystallizes and attracts dirt. No chemical is needed that can harm the environment.

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